President's Report


I wish you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and I welcome you to 2017 and the beginning of a new golfing season. It does not really seem possible, but our Foundation turns 62 this year.  I invite all of you to celebrate the momentous year and again ask for your financial support for the benefit of our scholars. 2016 was another successful year that provides impetus for continued growth and the prospects of further accomplishment.  We awarded $105,000.00 last year. We hope that growth continues, with your support.  Our scholars have worked to support our country clubs and golf courses in many positions.  Our scholarship awards are greatly appreciated to defray the ever-increasing costs of education.  The awards go directly to the individual student in order to adversely affect other financial aid they may receive.  That factor is very important.

I am proud to have been on the Board since the late 90s, and entering my ninth year as president.  In moving forward, we have upgraded our presence on the internet. We have a Facebook page. Please check it out and like us.  We have learned how much our scholars depend and rely upon the internet and strive to expand the ability to contact and communicate with students and alumni.  Please check us out and update your contact information in order to keep our lines of communication open.  Year after year, we seek to leave no stone unturned in seeking new avenues to raise money.  Regardless of the outcomes, we forge ahead driven by this labor of love for the game of golf and recognizing the genuine affection to providing scholarships.  I commend the diligent efforts by our all volunteer Board of Directors.  

The Board of Directors is well established, but is always interested in speaking with any of you who may be willing to serve.  

We always need your help.  No donation is too small.  When you see a student at the club, think about sending in a contribution.  When a student does something special for you at your course, think about sending in a contribution.  My request is to keep our Foundation high on your list of priorities when making charitable contributions.  We will always rely upon and honor your support for many years to come.

We have now exceeded $2,400.000.00 in awards. All recipients and their families should be proud but, frankly, now have an obligation to preserve the McDonough Foundation by helping us out.  As wonderful as that is, it is clearly no time to rest on our laurels. 

The major component of fundraising is attributable to Club Donations under the Club Relations Committee.  The contributing clubs have expanded recently and we continue to seek assistance from every club in the State.  Increasing revenues and financial support from clubs is paramount in the continuation of McDonough.  The Board wishes to increase club contributions and approach clubs whose students have benefitted but have not raised corresponding funds.  I have suggested each year on how clubs can increase their financial assistance.  The Board of Directors would be happy to discuss any type of option for tournaments, contributions, fun times and the like.  

At press time, we are looking at May dates for The 2017 Annual Dinner.  We will have our annual tournament at Manchester Country Club at the end of August. McDonough will also be a beneficiary of a special Pro-Am tournament that will be held at Golf Club of New England on September 18, 2017.

We hope you will respond by getting a group together.  We also have a number of Sponsorship Levels, beginning at a mere $100.00.  As I said before, every financial contribution, though appearing miniscule on its face, is of great benefit.

Our Permanent Fund continues to grow.  NH Seniors have committed to establish a named scholarship fund in the years ahead. We will always seek options of establishing named Scholarship Funds.  If anyone has questions, please contact us and we will fill you in on the details.

I wish all of you well and much success during the 2017 golf season.

John Wolkowski