About Us

The Richard D. McDonough Caddie Scholarship Foundation was established in 1955 to award college scholarships to caddies who worked at New Hampshire golf clubs. In it's first year of operation, the Foundation granted two scholarships totaling $1,000. The Foundation expanded its mission to aid young people to include any employee, male or female, of a New Hampshire golf course and changed its name to the Richard D. McDonough Golf Scholarship Foundation.

The McDonough Foundation recently awarded $115,000 in scholarship grants, for academic year 2017-18 to 76 young men and women employed at 26 New Hampshire golf courses who are currently attending 51 colleges and universities. With these most recent grants the Foundation has now awarded a total of $2,507,210 since the inception of the scholarship program.

The Foundation's greatest source of revenue is generated by the Club Support Program (formerly Club Bag Tag Program) with contributions from clubs and golf courses across the state. The annual McDonough Tournament held at the end of Summer also generates substantial revenue. Outstanding financial support is also provided by individual, corporate and foundation donations, alumni contributions and very generous support provided by:

  • The New Hampshire Golf Association
  • The New Hampshire Chapter of the New England PGA
  • The New Hampshire Senior & Profile Senior Golfers' Associations
  • The New England Senior Golfers' Association
  • The New Hampshire Women's Golf Association